Aleem Siddiqui

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Aleem Siddiqui a well known Computer Expert and Computer Engineer. He is Working as a Chief Software Architect, System Analyst and Data Administrator in Online Computer Consultants  since 2013.

His wrote many Articles and Brief Notes on Communication Satellites, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and other topics related to Information Technology, He is a Student of Computer Science and Engineering from Comsats Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad.

Comsats Abbottabad (17)        

He was born in Multan Pakistan on January 25, 1996,


Studied at Nishat Boys High School, Multan.


His Concentration in studies were Computer Fundamentles and Programming.


He Started his College in Superior Group of Colleges, Chose Computer Science as its Major Subject. He further study Network Development and Database Management System briefly.

He Wrote many Articles on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Communication, Geo-Stationary Satellites and their Orbits, Communication Satellites, Types of Communication Satellites and How they work.

Now he is Working in a Computer Consulting Organization as Chief Consultant and Analyst / CEO at Online Computer Consultants for 2 years.

Online Computer Consultants

He also serve as Chief Software Architect / CEO at  Future Software Corporation ®


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