How To Make 3D Hologram At Home By the Easiest Method…

Aleem Siddiqui


Using some stationary items and glass/plastic sheet, you can make 3D hologram at home. Place a pyramidal frustum over hologram specific video and let physics do the rest.

You won’t call any concept a science fiction unless its characters are flying through space-time, or have phenomenal powers. Your brain also plays with the idea of some futuristic technology and importantly long distance call that include holograms.
While other stuff would be difficult to own, but you can definitely make 3D hologram out of two-dimensional videos now. Holograms are the part of the new technological era and occupy technical enthusiast’s mind. On one hand, we have the Microsoft HoloLens, and on other we have GHOST that literally sucks out data from your screen and converts into a 3D hologram.

But, now to make a 3D hologram, you don’t need to buy any expensive gadget. Just a few stationary items and a…

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