GPS in Human Brain…


How do we know where what is and which place is that and what a direction to reach them? Today I would like to thank the power of computer technology. we no longer need to ask a passer-by where a given place because we have a Google map so go on it search them and find all direction of given place but how does the human brain do all this even before computer technology, we have also such type facility even all living being do this because only we have a technology but how other living being do this. The all living being stored such information in out brain and recall when he needs it.

Research of three sciencetist John O’Keefe at the university College London, UK, May Britt Moser and her husband, both from Trondheim Norway.  John O’Keefe began working in the area of how the brain controls behavior and how rats learn to navigate across amaze in room so he takes one rat in our research. He place rat in a large cage, stuck electrodes in chosen part of their brain, notably the hippocampus (hippocampus is the brain memory center) and record the electrical signals coming out as rats moved across space.

When rat goes to a particular place in the cage (say a corner), certain specific nerve cells were found to activate. When it went to another location yet another set of cells activated. Gradually then O’Keefe could identify what he termed as location specific place cell and a map built up by such place cells in the hippocampus, Each place cell activated on specific location or environment.


Same type of work done by all people brain some have more capacity and some have less capacity to memorizing and that is less depend on your IQ (intelligence quantum) level because that is not a trick to find that used only on your memorizing data if you memorize then you reach on a place do if not then can’t be reach them.

Elbert Einstein IQ level is highest in the entire world but they also forget people name and their number so you can know a genius person can also a good memorizing power or not and another example we can take from Iron Man (Tony Stark) who is genius but he can’t remember other thing except our work.

GPS (Global Positioning System) is also help to find location but that is work with latitude and longitude and accesses our data from Google server and human brain for finding location through nerve cell. Every specific location specific nerve cell activate when cell is activated then we known that is the place or not.


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